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How do we check our email? What is the link that allows our users to check their email on our web-stie?

There are two ways that you can check your e-mail. The preferred way is through Outlook Express or some other client e-mail application that resides on your computer. Instructions on how to configure Outlook to POP your e-mail account are located on your administrative website under Manage E-mail Account >>Click a mailbox name >> then click "How to POP this mailbox".  On the following page you will be able to view and print detailed information on how to setup your mailbox for Outlook 200 or Outlook Express

You can also view e-mail through your browser but this is only practical when you are away from home without a computer but have access to the Internet.

To view mail through your browser the following page: or type mail.[your domain name] in the address of your browser.