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Google Fonts
The days of having to use basic fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica and Arial or sacrificing acces...
How do I add a favicon.ico to my website?
Upload the favicon (.ico file) into File Manager and copy the URL by clicking the "link" beside...
How do I create Restaurant Menus
FOR RESTAURANT WEBSITES:Use the "Store" application to enter your menu items name, description, pric...
I would like a custom banner created for our website. How can I purchase custom design work?
To see an estimate or to purchase custom design work please go to "Website Design" from your adminis...
How do I change the title on my website?
To change your website title go to "website design" from your administrative home page >> sele...
How do I put text and images in the vertical menu area?
To add text and images to the vertical menu you must use the announcements application....